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Life Is Richer With More Choices

The more expertly we navigate our own emotional realms, the more choices we have in how we approach the world.

The more finely we know how others work, the more choices we have in how to interact with them.

The more choices we have in how we approach the world and in how to interact with others, the richer, more fulfilled, and more successful all of our lives become. It's like going to your favorite restaurant and being handed a "the secret menu" with more amazing food than you ever knew they served.

This is the premise of this website and everything I am teaching. The videos and discussions here are my attempt to transmit all I have learned about masterfully communicating with others and navigating our own inner worlds. Please explore, and be in touch with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions you have.

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Tim has been practicing and teaching interpersonal relations and communications skills since 2006. He leads the esteemed Boulder T-Group community and has taught circling and relational leadership for the Integral Center and C4 Institute.


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